The wind in my hair (learning a little greek part 30)

I know Greek after all! Just wizzed through first few translation exercises in “A Summer Reader” : A workbook for maintaining your biblical Greek”. Having taken so long to struggle through the first exercise in “a graded reader of biblical Greek” I was feeling like I had not learned much over the last 18 months but these passages, simple as they are, are actually enabling me to enjoy translation again. It’s great to feel the wind in your hair has you read through 1 John 4:7-11 in Greek! wooooooo

I have also begun to look at “A work book for New Testament Syntax” by Wallace and Edwards. It goes with his “Greek Grammar: Beyond the Basics” book.

Finally, I have found reading passages from my NT Greek readers bible an incredible experience. It gives definitions for the words that occur less than 30 times at the bottom of each page while other more common words are in the lexicon at the back. I try not to access my reference books to much when reading from it, but rather try to guess the meaning from what I do know. I have to read and re-red the passage but even with my limited understanding it seems so much more vivid.

As I read John 21 it was like looking through a metal grid at the action that took place two thousand years ago. It feels different to reading a translation. These are the actual words of someone who knew Jesus and was there at the time.

Going forward, I think I will do all three workbooks together plus read passages directly from my NT Greek reader.


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