Tim Keller answers some tricky questions

Really enjoyed listening to Tim Kellar just now. Such a clear thinker and communicator. Here are a couple of highlights from the vid

Q: What about genocide in the OT?

He says that this is the hardest question. He refers to “Tremper Longman’s” work on  Herem and gives a short version, ie

i) Destroying the Canaanites was anti-imperialistic in the sense that other conquering armies would take everything for themselves.

ii) God was using the Israelites as an instrument of his judgment agsint an evil civilisation

iii) This can no longer be used as a legitimate reason for doing the same thing because of what Jesus did and said.


Q: How can I be sure I am saved?

Objectively by faith in Jesus. Faith causes us to look at the object of our trust not in the strength  or quality of something in us, even our faith. “someone once said that faith is like a windshield. You look through it to Jesus not at it.”

Subjectively as we and others see us change to be more Christ like. Less angry, more patient and forgiving etc.

Existentially as we experience the Love of God.

On the evolution question he said that the bible does not say everything and leaves the mechanism of man’s creation unspecified. On “isn’t religion belief a product of social evolution” he points out that this proves too much. If our beliefs are based not on truth but on what helped our ancestors to survive then what about other beliefs we have, such as rationality, the existence of the real word, other persons, etc.


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