Why Bother? (Preach prep 4)

I am preparing to speak on James 1:22-26 and so far I have four illustrative thoughts developing on why I look at God’s word and then go away and to all intense and purposes “Forget it” when it comes to living my life. This happens because I see God’s word as:

1) a pretty picture

2) a dodgy sales pitch

3) asking the impossible

4) totally incomprehensible

But why would I want to do God’s word anyway? Why bother? The passage says the result is blessing. I spent ages looking into whether this is current or future blessing. The commentaries, on balance, say its mainly future, but partly now.

It then begins to dawn on me that I could look at each reason I do not do God’s word in terms of the deception involved in not doing it, and the blessing to be gained in the doing of it. These two words in the passage “blessing” and “deceived” seem key. Each reason I do not do God’s word is the result of a particular deception, and prevents me from enjoying a particular blessing. Bingo! That’s the next level of structure sorted out. Just need to fill in the content now!

For example:

God’s word is too hard:

Deception : I have to do it by myself, in my own strength

Blessing : The freedom that comes from living in the truth


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