introduction (preach prep 5)

Do you ever get an overwhelming urge to photograph your food before you eat it? You’ve spent hours in the kitchen preparing it and it looks fantastic. The problem is in a few moments it will be gone and you will never see it again s0 you rush upstairs to get to get your camera…

I’ve been blogging my preparation for speaking on James 1:22-25. In all the hours of reading, and thinking, and praying and blogging, I have had a couple of moments of inspiration that have shaped the whole preach. The question that opened the passage was “why do I not always live in the light of God’s word”. The two key words that shaped the answer to this are “deceived” and “blessed”. In what what am I being decided and what blessing am I missing out on.

At this point in my preparation one illustration often stands out as being helpful for the introduction and in this case it was my food photos. In fact I have posted some photos of my meals in the past on this blog. The point of the illustration is that silly as photographing food is, it would be even more ridiculous if I never actually ate it. I can look at it, smell it, poke it, talk about it, rave about it, blog it, even photograph it but if I don’t actually get round to eating it I’m rather missing the whole point of it and massively  missing out. James is pointing out how foolish we are when we do everything with God’s word except actually put it into practice.

That became my lighthearted intro along with the photos of my food. I then read the passage, and followed that up by making the point that in this country, at this time, access to God’s word is not our main problem (we have bible translations, mps, the internet, books etc), the real issue is that we do not always “do” God’s word. It’s easier to hear it, to talk about it, to enjoy it, to criticise it, than it is to actually do it.

I then asked why I do not always do it and then got into the main content.


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