Tim Keller and Dr Carson

Tim Kellar and Dr Carson answer a couple of interesting questions:

Q: Is all the fuss around “love wins” worth it? Does it really Matter?

Keller : Yes. Biblical doctrine is an eco system. Undermine one bit and it massively effects others. Reducing Gods punishment for sin actually diminishes Gods love for us in taking our punishment on himself.

Q: Are the “other sheep” in John 10:16, other religions?

Carson: That refers to gentiles. The “flock” in “not of this flock” is the Jews, not the church which was not yet constituted in any identifiable form. In fact eh church is the Jews and gentiles united together in Christ.

The chap asking the questions said at one point :  “the definition of a Christian is one whose mouth has been shut…God does not need a publicist, he needs preachers…James says teachers will be judged more strictly…clarity must be king”.


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