The bible stories make great movies

Read an article recently that reminded me how great the stories in the bible are:

“even in their half-remembered context, these stories resonate on a deeper level. You can’t say all we are is a bunch of atoms. We don’t feel that that sums us up. We wonder about why we’re here – but films haven’t addressed that question for a while.” Norman Stone

Apparently another version of the passion of Christ is on the way directed by Paul Verhoeven who directed Robocop. It’s based on a book he co-wrote called Jesus of Nazareth. Verhoeven was a member of the Jesus seminar though so I wonder how much license he will take with the biblical narrative. Roger Avary who helped with Barewolf is to write the screen play.

There is a rumour that Russell crow could play the part of Noah in another version of Noah’s Arc  , plus another version of Les Mis. is on the way – not a biblical story but one that powerfully illustrates the amazing nature of God’s grace.

Also, both Ridly Scott and Spielberg are both doing versions of Moses. I am really looking forward to comparing two digital, multi million pounds versions of the red sea parting, and the plagues but I hope the power of the story come through too.


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