Listening to different preachers

I like to watch other preachers from time to time and found this guy on you tube recently. His mannerisms/body language/intonation etc were interesting to watch and I jotted down a few quotes from him too:

 “you can’t out preach your life”

Here he is again:

“you have got to have the bible in one hand and the news paper in the other if you have to preach” Karl Barth

“you have got to read the bible voraciously [to preach]”

“do what Ezekiel said “I ate the book”

“do you know how many sermons I have on file that I will never get to preach? 212 just in the gospel of Mathew”.

That last one reminded me of Spurgeon saying that a preacher should have a store house of truth to draw from. He should be like a miller always grinding corn so that he had sacks of it ready. I often feel very much hand to mouth but am inspired by these things to read/study/prepare more.

“you must personalise the test, that’s when the text speaks to you..[not] them folk…”

“every sermon ought to give you homework…an assignment”

another direct point:

“prosperity comes from when you get a job and save your money and don’t spent it on women and liquor, invest your money wisely”

One more

 “To God be the glory”

Psalm 124 : “problem, protection and praise”

“you shouldn’t go to bed at night as dumb as you were when you got up. You should have learnt something”. 


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