“I know Kung fu” (Having a go at Hebrew part 1)

There is a great line in the film “The Matrix” where Morpheus downloads the ability to do martial arts into Neo’s brain. It only takes a few seconds after which  Neo opens his eyes and declares “I know kung fu”.

I have recently had a such a “matrix moment”. Not about kung fu but New Testament Greek. It took more than a few seconds to learn, in fact it took two years, but it’s like I have crossed a threshold of understand and suddenly I can read my Greek bible and understand it. I’m not by any means fluent but I have definitely reached my goal of “learning a little Greek”. This year I hope to finish working through the intermediate grammar book “Greek Grammar: Beyond the basics” and read lots more Greek.

For Christmases 2010 I got the books that helped me learn a little Greek. This year, I got the Hebrew equivalents that will help me in “Having a go at Hebrew”.

  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Grammar
  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook
  • Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary cards
  • Summary sheets summarizing the Basics of Biblical Hebrew

On order are:

  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew video lectures
  • Biblical Hebrew vocabulary CD
  • Vocabulary guide to biblical Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew,
  • Vocabulary guide made easy.

Lined up for the future is:

I’m not sure if the audio lectures are different to the CD but here they are:

You can get summary sheets, vocabulary cards and Audio CD together as a survival kit

I have already read through several chapters of the Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar book. It looks easier than Greek (at least nouns do) but the vocabulary is going to be a real challenge. Hopefully in a year or two I’ll be able to declare “I know Biblical Hebrew”.


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