An evening of eschatology

Here Piper invites some friends for a lively debate on the end times. There are three views on the last days discussed and argued for. Pre, post and a -millennium.

There are three views on the last days discussed and argued for. Pre, post and a -millennium.

Pre-Millennium guy goes for:

  • Jesus coming back and setting up a kingdom on the earth, with Christians being raised to rule with him.
  • This lasts for some long period of time. It may last a literal 1000 years, but not necessarily.
  • During this time Satan is bound so that he cannot deceive the nations.
  • Then he is released for one final rebellion at which point he is finally fully defeated.
  • Then all the dead are raised and we have the judgment.

One challenge that was raised against this view was the question of where the nations come from that form the final rebellion lead by Satan. I guess many people must have been born during the millennium, rebelled secretly against Jesus in their heart, and mingled with the still present national and cultural identities present in the millennium. Strengths are that it imagines a glorious end times church.

Post-Millennium guy says:

  • Satan is bound at the cross or was it AD 70?
  • Then the gospel goes out to the nations.
  • It is so effective that the world becomes mainly Christian.
  • Christians are/will increasingly reign on earth.
  • Then Jesus comes back, the dead are raised, judgment etc..

Strengths are that there are far more Christians around now than 500 years ago. Weaknesses are that there are still massive amounts of persecution and suffering now and that the bible seems to indicate that will always be so until Jesus comes back.

A-millennium guy says:

  • The millennium started at the cross/resurrection of Jesus
  • The martyrs are reigning with Jesus in Heaven right now (the first resurrection) Rom 20:4-5
  • Jesus comes back and the dead are raised etc (second resurrection)

Strengths are it’s simplicity and the finality of Jesus return. The main weakness is the “first resurrection” of the martyrs needs to be into the intermediate state where they reign, not to literal new physical life, like resurrection means everywhere else in the bible.

Some light hearted quotes that stood out for me in the discussion where:

 “We both serve God, you in your way and  I in his!”

 “the millennium is a thousand years of peace that Christians like to fight about.”

 “I’m not averted to changing my view in mid air”


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