Great Hebrew videos

When trying to remember what a Metheg was I found a great youtube video then this amazingly helpful site. It has a whole course of hebrew lectures on it. A great resource as I wait for my  other DVDs to arrive. It goes through the alphabet so I made a few notes:

א: silent or h in honest


ג he says no real diff between ג and גּ

ד historicaly prohnounces th as in this. in modern hebrewe its the same as דּ as in dog
ה h as in house

ו histroicaly w as in way, but modern hebrew its v as in van

ז z as in zero

ח ch as in bach or loch

ט teach


ק never qu as in queen, but k as in king.

in psalm 119 there are 22 lots of 8 verses because שׁ and שׂ are seen as one.

ת and תּ both t as in teach in modern Hebrew but in biblical Hebrew ת is pronounces th as in thin.

Also he answers something that has been bugging me for a while. Why do people seem to pronounce the long and short a vowels ָ  ַ

the same and have one long, as in Father, and the other short as in bat? Well again in modern Hebrew they are both pronounced the same. Could be a bit in the middle but more like the short sound bat I think. He also says that the reduced vowels are all pronounced pretty much the same.

Most helpful was the bit on writing Hebrew which is different from that which I have learned so far:


Another diagram I found helpful was his vowel chart which kind of filled in some blanks in the one I had:


PS. I have now got the Basics of Biblical Hebrew lectures and this how they write stuff:


BTW I have written the alphabet out in the wrong direction both times I numbered the strokes


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