Bagpus and Dawkins

Heard a great quote form Russell Brand recently. He is talking about an old children’s television program called Bagpus. Bagpus  is an old saggy cloth cat that lives in a shop. People bring things into the shop that have been lost and they get fixed up and put in the window for their owners to reclaim. Bagpus always comes up with wonderfully imaginative stories to explain the origin of some of these things but there is a wooden woodpecker, professor Yafel, who is a bit of a kill joy and always poo poo’s his explanations.  Anyway here’s the quote:

“Why can’t professor Yaffle and Dawkins just let us enjoy a nice story? I expect Dawkins would say that it’s because he opposes ignorance, especially where it causes war and bloodshed. Well, I happen to think people cause war and bloodshed, and were we to be united by one drab godless dogma we’d be murdering each other over who gets the remote control [something like that anyway,  I forget where it came from so cant go back and check….]”

I totally agree and love the Bagpus reference. That’s the doctrine of original sin right there. There is something wrong with human nature. Thankfully there is a solution but there we might part company.



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