Looks aren’t everything

Just heard a good TED talk. Carmen Russell speaks about being a model:

“The last question that people ask me is what is it like to be a model and I think the answer that they are looking for is “if you are a little bit skinnier and have shinier hair you will be so happy and fabulous. And when we are backstage we give an answer that maybe makes is seem like that. We say it’s really amazing to travel and it’s really amazing to get to work with creative inspired passionate people. And those things are true but they are only one half of the story because the thing that we never say on camera, that I have never said on camera is that “I am insecure”. And I am insecure because I have to think about what I look like every day. And if you ever are wondering if I were thinner and had shiner hair would I be happier, you just need to meet a group of models.

Because they are the thinnest size, and have the shiniest hair and the coolest clothes. And they are the most physically insecure people probably on the planet.”




Another good Ted talk on the power of introverts.

Basically our schools and work places are biased towards extroverts. They are built around group working high stimulus environments rather than space to quietly consider something yourself and work through it in your own head. “solitude is a crucial ingredient to creativity” “solitude matter and for some people it is the air that they breath”.

“We have known for centuries about the transcendent power of solitude. Its only recently that we have strangely begun to forget it. if you look at most of  the world’s religions you will find seekers, [like]  Mosses Jesus Buddha, Mohamed, seekers  going off by themselves, alone to the wilderness where they have profound epiphanies of revelation which they brought back to the rest of the community. So no wilderness no revelation.”

However, that needs to be balanced by another TED talk on the potential for coffee shops to produce good ideas.  “good ideas happen at the conference table”.

Actually the first talk was also saying that introverts need to come together after they have had time to think.  As often is the case, it’s both and.


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