“do what Jesus did” part 3

More quotes from Robbie Dawkins inspiring book “Do what Jesus did”:

Wounded healers

He says we are “wounded healers”. Just because we are unwell ourselves does not mean God cannot use us to heal others. Robbie tells how his autistic son prayed for a lady with a bad back and the vertebra audibly popped back into place. p180

 “If you have thoughts like I’m too broken; I’m too sick; I haven’t been healed myself; I have issues, then you’re missing the point. Using wounded healers is how God strikes back” p181

“Hudson Tailor, one of the first missionaries to China, faced incredible obstacles – sickness, stoning and being near death” p182

On Failure:

“You will hear trainers at the gym shout, ‘Push to failure! Failure is the goal’. When you hit failure most muscle growth occurs.” p212

“Where we fail is the level were going to next” p217

Big prayers for our children

“Some people pray for the safety of their families and kids. I pray, “Lord, make my boys the most dangerous men on the planet”. p223


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