Bill Johnson about the church:

“God is good. He is extremely good. Everyone wants a King like Jesus. If we represent Him well, they’ll want His body, too.” Bill Johnson


Cleaver little quote on sucking the life out of generosity

 “[He seems] to have dispensed with generosity in order to practise charity” Albert Camus.

I guess that’s saying that generosity can become a “good work” we do to make us feel good, or to think we are good. It becomes less about helping other people and more about feeding and displaying our own sense of self-righteousness.

Here is a great comment I read in the comments section of an article on Jamie Oliver.

“Man cannot live by nutritional value alone”

Ie we need more in life than just a balanced diet. Fat and sugar and salt give life the zing, the colour, the feel good factor that bread alone cannot produce. Jesus recognised that people were not supposed to live on bread alone but on God’s love. He called himself the true bread of life. The thing that really satisfied is found in him. The love of God in Jesus is the things that truly satisfies. What’s more it has no calories and won’t rot your teeth.



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