My first attempt at a book almost complete

I had a prophetic word given to me a while back about writing books. I took that seriously and have almost finished writing my first one. It’s called “reaching for fruit in supernatural healing”. I feel a bit silly and embarrassed doing it but confident in God’s encouragement.

It’s not proofed yet, but the writing is pretty much done. It’s taken three years to do which is a lot longer than I anticipated but I am pretty happy that is does what I wanted it to do which is raise an expectation for supernatural healing through looking at God’s word. It  goes through two chapters in Matthew gospel were Jesus heals lots of people, and then two chapters in Acts where his disciples heal a man lame from birth.

I really felt God gave me those chapters and the structure of the book which is based on a preaching series I did a few years ago after God began to encourage me to pursue him for supernatural healing. Writing it has certainly helped me raise and sustain faith for healing and I am really excited about making it available to others.

I’m using create space at the moment which will mean I can get copies of it printed pretty quickly plus it will be available on amazon.

It’s also interesting to me that it is coming together at a time when I am about to step out a little more in praying for people to be healed.


Some good sites:

List of publishers

Looks like Zondervan don’t accept this sort of book:

This book is really helpful for what to capitalise, how to use quotes, include bible verses etc: The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style

Christian writers guild

This site looks helpful too in terms of training and getting feedback on material.

Advice to first time authors




One thought on “My first attempt at a book almost complete

  1. Sounds great, Marcus. CreateSpace and Amazon is a good way to go. Most publishers either won’t take you unless you have a huge social network (platform) or you pay $5-10K to publish. With CreateSpace you can self-publish, literally one at a time, and offer a Kindle version which is the best way to get it out to a lot of people initially.

    I look forward to seeing what you have to say. Great subject. 🙂 Blessings.

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