James Maloney and doctors

James Maloney is an amazing guy who loves Jesus and walks in massive authority in terms of healings and miracles, and prophetic. I have witnessed his prophetic gift first hand and it is staggering. I have also experienced the power of God through him in a physical way that literally knocked me of my feet. He writes as someone who knows God has his loving heavenly Father. He is a big character but has a big heart. He reminds me a bit of Dave Carr. A sort of Texan version of him.

Anyway I have just got an email from him (not personally but a group email thing). He is not well and writes with great humility on trusting God for healing but also making use of God’s grace through the medical professions. It’s interesting that this email comes at a time when I am just formulating and shaping some literature and practice around a healing room thing I am setting up. We are believing God will heal people but also don’t want people to think that supernatural healing is in any way at odds with natural healing. The two are clearly different but it’s not an either or choice you have to make. We should make full use of both! Jesus turned water into wine and multiplied loaves and fishes but it’s not wrong to go out and do some grocery shopping.

Sometimes people say that we should look for supernatural healing first, before opening the medicine cabinet and that not doing so indicates a lack of faith. I do not agree. Go for both in whatever order you like. God just wants you to be well. Making use of doctors and medicine does not indicate a lack of faith. It’s not praying at all, either to ask or thank God, which gives that away.

Anyway here is his web sight.



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