internet Gospel

There has been some coverage recently in the news about the way young people can be enslaved via the internet. We put certain restrictions around our children’s internet use to protect them and keep them safe. There are people out there who will pretend to be other children, get kids to open up about themselves and share personal information and pics online and then blackmail them with threats of passing on that data to their family and friends. By this means they are effectively enslaved and come under the controlling power of these people.

The bible tells us that this has happened to us all. We were made for a relationship with God. Out of love he put certain safeguarding restrictions on us, but we ignored them and become enslaved to other things. Things that ultimately harm us and from which we find it impossible to escape.

  • Addictions,
  • habits,
  • thoughts,
  • Beliefs even.

But beneath these we are enslaved at a heart level, in our rebellion and hostility to God. The bible says we are slaves to sin and we can no longer live with God or for God.

Did you know there is a bill coming into force in 2015 in California that will enable people, when they reach 18 to erase all the online data about themselves? All those unwise Facebook posts, photos and tweets. The idea is that the mistakes of the past should not forever hang around your neck.

Well, God has made that possible for each one of us through Jesus, that all our sin can be erased. And we can be innocent before him. That there should be nothing that can be used against us. To threaten or punish us in any way. We are free to come back into a relationship with God for which we were created.

The lie comes that “Ah, you can’t go back to God now because of what you have done”. And in a way that is half right. God is good and hates sin and will punish it so what can we do? We’ll, what God did was to punish his son in our place remove our guilt through his blood (ie his death, emptying of life, sacrifice). So now, no mater what we have done, the accuser has nothing on us and we need fear him no longer. Neither have we any reason to fear God, who’s anger about our sin has been turned away, in Jesus’ death in our place. What may happen in California has already happened on Calvary.


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