Russell Brand on slogans

Another interesting interview with Russell brand.  Around 12 minutes in he talks about cooperate slogans.

He condemns  Mc Donald’s “Lovin it” “ as “meaningless empty and an exploitation of an interesting piece of language to do with love”

Of Dr Pepper’s  “Unbelievably satisfying”  he says “how ridiculous and hyperbolic that is”.

And of Gillette, “the best a man can get  he “comically points out” that is setting the bar very very low for human kind and mankind!”

The power of these slogans is that they speak to our deepest needs and desires for love, for satisfaction and for a better version of ourselves. The ironic thing is that Russell gets so close but stops short of the answer to these things. Jesus is not just another revolutionary figure, to be placed along with Gandhi or Malcolm X. He is the only one who is the ultimate eternal source of love, satisfaction and transformation.

“The number one priority for anyone who wants social change has to be the welfare of those most in need of it. The support of society’s poor and most vulnerable. For me that’s not socialism, that’s Christian, it’s spiritual….If you are in a position of power and your priority is not helping the poor and dispossessed then you should not be in power. I feel our obligation is to help those who are suffering”.

“While Hitler’s actions were deplorable it’s not his extremism that is terrifying, it’s his mundanity. He was just a normal man created by a number of geopolitical economic and religious circumstances at the time.” This is the point made in the book “Those were the days”. There is something fundamentally flawed with the human condition. The question is what is the fix? Is it better external circumstances that would bring out good from us rather than evil? Is it trying really hard from within? The answer again is Jesus. Through union with him, our old nature is crucified and a new one created. Wonderfully we are not disposed of or lost in the process but recreated.

Russell : “Now evil comes dressed in the white overall of Mc Donald’s…”

The host: “knowing what evil is, is really the answer”.

That is a key question. What is evil? Evil is ultimately defined in relation to a good God.


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