Kris Vallotton on Profectic ministry

Here is a paraphrase of Kris Vallotton speaking about prophecy


“If for the sake of the analogy, my words are red, when I speak, if its prophecy, there is also blue along with them. The blue is the grace of God. God’s enabling grace comes along with my words and actually gives the power for a person to change or do whatever…”.


He tells a story on the Theology DVD of father of Lights about calling a man out of 1000 people and prophesying to him “You are a holy man”. Three years later that man came back to him and told him what had happened. At the time Chris called him a “holy man” he was a heroin addict and had been dragged to church by his friends. When those words were spoken over him he said it was as if something went into him. He was instantly delivered from drugs, and has since got a job, house and wife. Wow. “God calls though se things that are not as though they are” (Rom 4:17). Like he called Gideon “mighty worrier” when he was cowering in the wine press.



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