Another Healing vids fix mostly with James Maloney


James Maloney – seems to be a lot more of him on you tube now.

Some great testimonies of healings from Mr Maloney (asthma, bone fractures, when God says no I will not heal, back pain L5/L6,

Testimony of Leg healed. Video of it being healed indispersed with verbal, after the event, testimony from the person healed.

lungs prayed for

healed from effect of toxic chemicals

diabetes (testimony and footage)

prophecy ministry 56+ mins for some espec 1:32


you have got to watch this! amazing words of knowledge, panoramic seeing? from 2:26

some testimonies at the start from James praying and more ministry by James at the end in the last 2 hours or so.

A lady says she runs for the first time in her life!

Written testimonies in revival magazine

prophecies for a young man

Phil Wilthew’s blog account of the conf I was at in 2010

Skeletal system

James’ books:

The dancing hand of God

Panoramic seer


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