healing quotes

From a great book “Ministering Healing” by Jack Moraine:

“You don’t need great faith for healing; you need just enough faith to be obedient and to pray”.

I like that one because it puts faith within reach. The amount of faith is quite small but it’s like a relay switch. A small current in one part of a circuit flips a switch that joins up a path way for a massive current to flow in another part. It is my conviction that if someone asks for prayer and I am willing to pray for them, then all the faith needed is present. God does the healing. It does not require great power or skill from us. We flick the switch. He provides the power.

Note this interesting dynamic in faith: If I concentrate on my faith and the amount of it required,  my faith actually goes down. If however, I realise how little faith is required to achieve some great enterprise,  then my faith actually increases. Its not the amount of faith that matters, it’s the greatness of God’s desire and power to accomplish something that makes the real difference. That’s probably one of the reasons Jesus said you only need faith the size of a mustard seed to command mountains to be uprooted and thrown into the heart of the sea (something even Yoda would struggle to do).

Of course all that has to be in tension with the fact that Jesus does actually say to his disciples that they could not heal a boy because of their lack of faith. He does that in the verse before talking about grains of mustard in fact (can’t help seeing the parallel between Yoda teaching Luke the force by lifting his space ship out for the swamp and Jesus healing to boy…) .  Now this is a puzzle because I would have thought that Jesus disciples would have had a lot of faith. He had sent them out and they have come back rejoicing because they were able to heal so many. What happened in this case? Was it because it did not happen straight away. I suppose their faith could have been propped up on  their experience rather than in God’s will and power. That would make sense as to root your faith in God rather than past results probably requires prayer which is what Jesus says they need to do.

Anyway here is another quote:

“if you can’t minister healing you can always minister love”

Heidi Backer and Bill Johnson say a similar thing.  And one final quote form the book:

“When you pray for people on a consistent basis there are a lot more people healed than when you don’t.”

John Wimber said “don’t tell me God doesn’t heal until you have prayed for 1000 people”, or something like that, implying that if you pray for more some will eventually start to get well.  One of the Bethel guys said a similar thing. Something like “Keep praying for people and eventually God will have to back you up.” Not that God is at all reticent but that logically there is no way you can pray for people in Jesus name and not see results. His name is just to precocious and powerful.


One thought on “healing quotes

  1. We do believe that Jesus exist just before we were born. That’s what we call faith! We believe in something which we haven’t been seen or touch. But because of the miracles Jesus have ever done, we are amazed and astonish that a individual can make such miracles. Thus, Praying to our almighty father is one of the greatest act of faith.energy

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