Secret recipes (GAPS diet)

I’m in year 3 of the GAPs diet. I can now ferment vegetables (best to use starter culture  ie Body ecology starter). They are really fizzy and fun to eat. I can brew water Kefir. Again really fizzy if done with quite a bit of dark sugar with Molasses. I have perfected the art of making GAPS legal cakes (a few glugs of olive oil is the secret ingredient) and now with the aid of a dehydrator I can make them into crunchy, chewy biscuits. The Dehydrator is also great for drying out pretty much any fruit or vegetable. Oh, and most recent of all I can now make almond milk. The solids left over are in the dehydrator right now turning into almond flour.

2014-01-11 15.18.28

Here is my basic recipe for cakes and biscuits. It changes all the time but this is one version.


2 packets of 180/200g Ground almonds

12-14 Eggs

6-10 teaspoons (half a bottle) of almond essence

¾ of a pot of honey (180g I think)

Several glugs of olive oil (60ml?)

Quarter teaspoon of salt.

Optional Extras : chopped dates, almonds, marzipan (made by mixing ground almonds, honey and almond essence), chopped dried fruit like pairs (which taste like white chocolate drops!).


Beat egg whites until soft peak.

Beat in egg yokes.

Beat in honey

Fold in almonds and salt.

Mix in oil and essence.

Mix in optional extras.

Pour into cake tin, or blob out into biscuits.  (I have at times poured it out over apple slices or pre-cooked apples).

Bake at 150 degrees centigrade until done. 15-45 mins depending on size. Do not overcook. It burns easily. Try to avoid it going too brown.

Optionally cut cake into 1-2cm thick slices put into dehydrator until desired dryness/crispiness (10 hours – 2 days).

You can use the dried or still moist almond solids left over from almond milk for making cakes or biscuits too. When the cooked cake is dried again it tastes like digestive biscuit.



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