Fathers in film

2014 Fathers in films

Lot’s of films have Fatherhood as a sub theme sounding their emotional base note. Finding Nemo, Star wars, The railway Children, The Simpsons, The lion Kings etc.

Youtube clips about Fatherhood get a lot of views because when we watch them we are deeply moved by Fatherhood.

Triathlon dad

Remembrance day song 2:50

Dad and son reunited

Dad and daughter reunited

What’s going on? Why do we well up when we see stuff like that (well I do anyway)?

I watched the film Blood diamonds recently. A man’s son is kidnapped and forced to be a rebel. He is indoctrinated to the point that when his dad comes to rescue him the son raises the alarm by shouting “enemy, enemy” and the man is captured. There is a great scene at the end where the father’s love finally brings the boy back to his senses. As the boy points a loaded gun at his chest his dad slowly walks forward, looking him in the eye, saying “I am your Father. You are my son. I love you”.

That is the gospel right there. Mankind is so indoctrinated in it’s hostility to God that when he turned up to rescue us in the person of Jesus people shouted “enemy, enemy” and he was crucified. But God comes to us again in the person of the Holy Spirit. He peruses us, and woos us with the Father’s love:  “I am your Father. You are my son. I love you”.


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