Dead Raisers

Someone once told me I would see the dead raised to life but I already knew that I would. More recently, I saw this  on a website that was saying how heretical it was but it looked pretty cool to me. It’s a documentary about a group of people who set off to raise the dead. As long as they are proclaiming “the kingdom of heaven is near” (Matt 10:7,8) I can’t see why that is so bad.

In the film Tyler G. Johnson (author of “How To Raise The Dead”, preaching here) leads a team around the world to try to raise the dead. I don’t think they actually manage it but even so, surely they get full marks for giving it a go.

Here is an interview with Tyler talking about a dead person coming back to life after a short 10 second prayer:

A few quotes from the interview with Tyler Johnson:

“If it didn’t happen Jesus would not have told us to do it”

Raising the dead “kind of makes you the black sheep, the odd one out”.

“Anyone can do this. It is about the love of God”

“we go into these situations with the unwavering conviction that God wants to raise the dead…just like we do with healing”.

“I was writing to funeral directors… and chasing ambulances…”

“If you pray for 50 people to be raised from the dead you are going to see someone raised from the dead”

“no matter how much of this stuff that I do I have to remember this is all about me and Jesus, knowing him and being known. Letting him love me.”

The movie was shown in cinemas in the states on Halloween I think because of some link to zombies. Zombies are people half dead people, kind of a botched version of raising the dead. A counterfeit resurrection. When Jesus raises the dead the result is fully living people.

PS. The book “How to raise the dead” has just arrived. What an amazing title! Some books are simply too exciting to start reading. I’ll take a squiz at the forward:

“in order to be people that walk in resurrection life on a continual basis, the love of Jesus must first touch our hearts in an emotionally moving way. Once our hearts have been captured we become like a battering ram against the gates of hell. Dead raisers are people who have fallen in love with the source of Life; Jesus. Intimacy with Jesus will be what keeps you fuelled to continue to step out in faith to raise the dead. Without intimacy, you will burn out, guaranteed.” Page 19

Ooo, hallow? Not sure about this : “God did not kill Ananias and Sapphira, Peter did. Peter wrongly used the authority that God had given him to build up the newly born church. Instead of building up the church, he tore it down.” Page 80. He makes a good point though “All that was needed was to pull these two sinners aside and privately confront them about their sin. .. scripture is clear in Matthew 18…” page 94.    He recons the 2 kings “bear mauling” episode was a mistake as well as Peter’s reply to Simon the sorcerer’s in Acts 8. Yikes this is thought provoking stuff but I’m not really convinced it’s quite right. Oh here is something else “Simon is believed to go on and start Gnosticism.” Is that right? And then he says “the Angle of the Lord” that killed Herod is the angel of death, ie Satan because “God doesn’t have death to give”. But surly God gives life and can take it away.

As I read on each page seems to bring a different take on familiar verses and I am not sure I agree with all of them but I still think the book has something. I came to this book via a web site having a go at the author, so it was interesting to read this paragraph in the book:

“This section is probably going to get my family and I on more “heresy hunter” web sites, but that is okay with us. I would like to formally thank the people ahead of time that do this kind of thing to us, because you are storing up reward in heaven for us. Keep it up! We love you, and bless you!

Let’s take it up a notch. Not only will the people of God raise the dead, but they will begin to walk in such abundant life and resurrection power that whole morgues will be emptied out. …this is who we must think. We must shoot higher than we ever have before, much higher that what we could obtain by our own strength. We need to reach beyond our grasp. Aim for the heavens, far higher than you could ever dream of attaining. … don’t ever give into the lie that you are shooting too high, because nothing is impossible with God.”

See what I mean? There is some unfamiliar theology to me but I love their radical faith for the impossible and there surely is no denying that Jesus told his disciples to “raise the dead” (Mat 8:10).


One thought on “Dead Raisers

  1. Great article. As a firm believer that the God of the Bible is the God who also raises the dead, I too agree that the Mr. Tyler Johnson’s theology is tweaked a bit. There is a tendency these days in circles in pursuit of God’s healing and miraculous nature to deny God’s holy nature. It is unfortunate because it does not make God any more good; it only makes Him less powerful: Taken too its logical conclusion, we must deny that God did not bring judgment on mankind; satan did. Which makes satan out to be a worthy adversary of God (not man), instead of a created being fully under God’s control.

    That said, it is great to see what otherwise appears to be a pure expression of individuals willing to believe and take God at his world that nothing is impossible with Him.


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