The moon on a stick please

Wanting the “moon on a stick” means wanting the impossible. It looks like the moon is small, not that far away, and could be placed on the end of a stick for safe keeping but most people know that it is rather large and hundreds of miles away. The idea of placing it on a stick is obviously ridiculous. But so is moving mountains. Jesus says you can say to a mountain “be uprooted and thrown in the sea” and it will be done (Mark 11:23). Jesus does not respond to big prayers with a sarcastic “and I suppose you want the moon on a stick too”. Rather he provokes us to pray big prayers, challenging us to ask for mountains to be thrown about and moons to be places on sticks.

A while back I started the mornings by asking for 6 impossible things before breakfast. Now I think I will make sure each day I pray at least one “moon on a stick” prayer to the one who weights the seas in his hand, and not only made the moon but the sun as well and probably has a stick big enough to put them both on.


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