A Diary of Signs and Wonders

Just got A Diary of Signs and Wonders by Maria Woodworth Etter who was as the  forerunner of Aimee Semple McPherson in preaching the gospel with supernatural healing. She was very ill herself at one time and suffer the unimaginable anguish of  5 out of 6 of her children dying young.

“when I was alone I missed my darling so much that I wept as though my heart would break. Then I would always pray; and as I prayed I would forget everything earthly and soar away by faith to the golden city, and there see my darlings all together shining in glory, and looking at me and saying ‘Mamma, do not weep for us, but come this way’. I would always end in praising and giving glory to God for taking them to such a happy place. Lizzie, our oldest child, aged sixteen was all we had left of six sweet children”.

She did not feel able to do what the Lord was asking her to do. She knew her weakness all too well.

I came like a child asking for bread. I looked for it. God did not disappoint me. The power of the Holy Ghost came down as a cloud. It was brighter than the sun. I was covered and wrapped up in it. My body was light as the air. It seemed that heaven came down. I was baptised with the Holy Ghost, and fire, and power which has never left me. Oh, Praise the Lord! There was liquid fire, and the angels were all around in the fire and glory. It is through the Lord Jesus Christ, and by this power that I have stood before hundreds of thousands of men and women, proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. Loc 409

She did not prepare sermons:

“I did not write my sermons or have sketches of sermons. I would take a text and trust God to lead me in his own way…” Loc 476

God would give her the text and were to find it in the bible and she would read it and “as I did so the power came, and seemed that all I had to do was to open my mouth. The people all through the house began to weep. I talked one hour and a quarter. The power came as it did when I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It seemed as if the house was full of the glory of God. ” Loc 482


She mentions the “later rain”

“He said he would give the latter rain of the Spirit before the notable day of the Lord came. This was to be given to gather in the last harvest of souls before Jesus comes in the clouds. Many times I have stood before congregations of thousands, preaching of singing, when the Holy Ghost fell upon them, and swept over, wave after wave, till the multitudes would sway back and forth like trees in a forest, or grain in a storm. Many of the tall oaks would be laid prostrate over the house or camp-ground; and, like the revival at Cornelius’s, many were converted standing, or sitting in their seats. Loc 571

She worked very hard:

“I am so exhausted with constant labour that I have to be helped many times to raise from my bed” Loc 1113

God began to lead her to teach divine healing and pray for the sick:

“It is nine years since, and God has healed thousands of all manor of diseases. Thousands have been brought to Christ by seeing the people healed.” Loc 1120

“Dr T., a noted infidel, was converted and healed of diabetes.” Loc 1148

“A preacxher came to the meeting who was dying with consumption, and was healed in trhe presence of thousand, while we were praying for him. ” Loc 1280

“Brother D, sixty years old, who had been lame for twelve years, had to walk with a cane or crutch. He could not remain in one place but a short time.l Several of us kneeled anbd prayed with him, laying our hands on him. The HOly Ghost fell on him, and the pain left him, the swelling went down, and the callous parts disapeared; he leaped to his feet, shounting, “glory to God, I am healed…He threw his crutch away. It is now nine years since he was healed; he has testifed before thousands; many have visited him; others have written him. He is well now…Dr Daggett was the first we ever laid on hands for healing. Inour m “. loc 1286

“Three hadbeen healed of cancer” Loc 1455

“Sefveral chikldren were wonderfuly healed and also several infants. one little boy was healed of dropsy, stomach and bowl trouble” loc 1508

“healed of rheumatism.” loc 1520

“Hundreds of souls were converted, and hundreds of boddies healed of varuious diseases. Persons came on crutches, and went away withouht them. BLind wehnt away seeing; the sick were brought on beds, healed, and picked uo their beds and walked off with them. Loc 1616

And that in only a sampling of the first 17% of the book! Ihave the kindle version so its hard to tell but it seems to be rather a big book too.



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