Jesus’ suffering and ours

Jesus suffered so that we would not have to. Though he was innocent, he took the punishment that was due to us for the wrong we had done. In doing so he was demonstrating what God was like. So loving and gracious that he was willing, in the person of Jesus, to let himself be crucified by sinful people to save those very same sinful people. Amzing isn’t it?


But here is the thing. Through faith in Jesus we are being transformed to be like Jesus, so that like Jesus, we too will display what God is like. We were made in the image of God and we are being resored to the image of God. And just as the cross supremely displays God’s excelt qualities and characterics, we too are destined to suffer for the love for others, to save some. Of course we don’t look for suffering, but it should not come as a surprise if we follow Jesus. He called his discples to pick up their cross and follow him.


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