“Christ the healer”

My latest rabbit hole started with a question about the four square gospel. It lead to Aimee Semple McPherson and then to her forerunner in the healing ministry Maria Woodworth Etter.  F F Bosworths  (1877–1958), author of the classic book “Christ the healer” wrote an account of one of her meetings in a letter to his brother:


Newspaper article of blind seeing:

more articles here on her here.

Here are some facts about FF Bosworth and his link to Maria Woodworth Etter:

Boswoth was himself healed by a lady called Mattie Perry (1868-1957) of Tuberculoses.

He moved to Zion, Illinois were amove of God was taking place

He was a good friend of John G Lake (1870–1935 who set up healing rooms) and saw lots of miracles.

1906 went to meetings were  Charles Parham (1873–1929) was ministering (I think Parham visited his church as well as Bosworth before? going to Azuza street).

1910 Began pastoring the first aslembises of God church in Dallas Texus

1912 invited Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844–1924) to hold meetings his church

Came to believe that tongues did not always accompany BHS and therefore resigned from Assemblies of God.

1948, Bosworth met William Branham ( 1909-1965) in Florida and worked with him in revival meetings.

Got a lot of this info from here.

If I get time I would like to draw up a tree of relationships between all these people with healing ministries.


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