The Jeffrey’s brothers

A few quotes from  “George Jeffery’s : A ministry of the Miraculous”:

Press reports from Clapham meeting

“I have had personal dealing with each of the following cases and others just as remarkable are a constant occurrence:

the sister was healed of deafness after 10 years suffering. A brother was healed of deafness when anointed so that he could hear the ticking of a watch. The 78-year-old Christian lady, who had six cancers, was so overjoyed at the glorious result of the anointing that she is testifying everywhere of her deliverance from pain and suffering.” P56


Cripples and invalids have been carried or wheeled into the hall, and God has so touched them that in some cases they have wheeled their own carriages home. Some have travelled many miles to receive God’s touch, and they have found that the great physician was waiting and ready to heal them. One woman travelled over 600 miles for her healing, and the Lord graciously met her. Blind people have received their sight, paralysed folk have walked – used all their limbs and gone home praising God. Deaf people have received hearing; dumb people have spoken, invalids have felt God’s healing virtue and consumptive’s have been healed. P62

One woman spoke of complete deliverance from a nine-year old rupture; another spoke of being able to walk without the aid of a stick, and her rheumatism had gone. An old man of 67 testified to have been cured of heart disease, and said he was now better than he had been for 42 years. A nurse spoke of having been healed of a nervous debility. Another woman had been healed of catarrah in the head, nose and nerves. A dumb woman (deaf from birth) rose up and thanked God for giving her power to speak. Another woman said she had been healed of anaemia and failing eyesight; now she could read the smallest print. Another was unable to do her own work through rheumatism, now she could do her own housework, and all traces of rheumatism had gone. One woman suffered from heart disease and could not even poke the fire; now she could go upstairs to run and do all her own work. One man spoke of his little baby having been ruptured from birth and now he was completely healed, requiring neither truss nor Doctor.p63

Perhaps one of the cases which excited most interest was that of a young man who, in the early days of the campaign, was brought from a distance to be prayed with; his condition was pitiable in the extreme: paralysed in almost every limb, and unable to speak intelligibly; he was as helpless as a child. What a change was brought in this man! I remember so well the evening when, full of new life flowing through his hitherto helpless body, he swung his arms above his head, and then in the exuberance of his joy jumped again and again from his feet, demonstrating the reality of that which had been accomplished. P66

East London

one of the most extraordinary cures affected was that of a lady who had suffered six years from paralysis of the arm. After she had been touched by the pastor she was observed to lift her arm quite freely and move her fingers easily. Another remarkable case was that of a boy who had come up to the platform suffering from blindness in one eye. He was touched, and then walked to the edge of the platform and announced that he could see perfectly with the defective eye. P95

South East London

One lady eagerly told before the congregation how she had suffered from sugar diabetes and acute rheumatic pains since 1923, the suffering occasioning great loss of sleep. She stated that since being prayed for she has had complete healing and is now quite free from pain.

Another stated that since being prayed for she had been healed of internal trouble, necessitating constant medical treatment, also of defective eyesight.

Another woman claims to have been healed of septic tonsils, noises in the head, and also an internal trouble.

Several other testimonies given to healing received were: one from duodenal ulcer, another from infantile paralysis which occasioned the wearing of leg irons and surgical boots, she is now able to walk about without these things, and her leg is now almost normal.

Many others dealt with on previous occasions claimed to have been healed; some from deafness, tuberculosis, partial blindness, and one who had been a deaf mute could now here, and also pronounce a few words.

As the sick would be ministered to, occasional scenes of what could only be adequately described as other supernatural order would be enacted. Several persons in different places in the congregation could be seen to shake or tremble violently, and others with loud sides would apparently be prostrated; usually those so affected would eventually break out into ecstatic utterance, which after a few seconds would become extremely voluble and bear remarkable resemblance to what might be a foreign language spoken with great rapidity. Pastor Jefferies explained this to be what he terms the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and he claims that these occurrences are identical with certain phenomena of a similar nature recorded in the Bible, particularly the instances spoken of in the Acts of the Apostles as being the decent of the holy spirit on the disciples; this, it will be remembered, is generally recorded to be accompanied by a manifestation of speaking in foreign tongues. During these strange happenings, a remarkable influence, or strange eerie mysterious power, seemed to manifest itself all over the meeting and a spirit of intense worship was created, thus preserving remarkable order where one might have expected to find chaos.

The meetings are generally brought to a close after about three hours duration, most of the large congregation remaining all the time. (Dulwich and Peckham Echo, 25 September 1925) p99

From the Ilford Recorder of 6 November 1925:

a woman of 35 years of age came before the pastor. He put his thumbs in her ears,  and his fingers at the back of her head and held them there, once shouting ‘Hallelujah’.

A few seconds went, and then the woman fell back stiffly, showing every sign of losing consciousness. A minute past, and there ran through the hall three screams. She had been cured of deafness, and the noise which she had heard, although almost nothing in volume, was enough to cause acute pain.

“It is very strange to hear my voice,” she told me afterwards. “I have been cured of deafness after 18 years. I cannot believe it.” Others were healed, and the meeting closed with testimonies given by men and women who had been cured at previous meetings. P101



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