Healing testimonies

Here are some healing testimonies:

Healing testimony on the streets:

9 mins 5 secs. Eye goes from 50% vision to 80% to 100%.

14:25 “it says these signs will follow those that believe, not those being prayed for. So the believing believer is the one responsible for the faith otherwise how are we going to touch [people of other faiths or none]…..my faith trumps their unbelief”. Todd White

This was taken down. I think this is the same clip of a lady receiving her sight. View it from the start:

A man testifying about being healed from deafness:

A women testifying to receiving her sight (It’s a bit loud!):

A quieter testimony of eyes opening:

And another:

And another

Lame walking:

Brother Yunn at Bethel:

3:00 Revival in North Korea:

Bill Johnson:

“She had entered God’s one step program” Bill Johnson

“Grace does not overlook sin it empowers righteous living”

Anyone know about Manaseh Jordon? He seems to be getting people’s names as words of knowledge:

With Benny Hinn:




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