Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a really addictive game where you fly a bird through a series of pipes. Tap the screen and the bird flaps and goes up. Don’t tap the screen and he starts to go down. Its addictivness is, I think, down to a combination of a few factors:

1)      It is a really simple idea.

2)      It looks really easy to play

3)      It is actually really hard to play


It’s a bit like threading a needle. There is the hole and there is the thread. It should be easy. But for some reason the cotton seems to veer away from the hole everytime you bring it near. It looks so easy and is so simple that you try again and again and again. The cotton must go through the eye because that’s what cotton and needles are made to do. Flappy bird is like that. The little bird must be able to go through the pipes.

Healing is a bit like Flappy bird. It looks really simple. You don’t need loads of training. You just pray or command healing in the name of Jesus. But it’s actually really hard too. Often you pray and nothing seems to happen. But it’s so simple you go for it again. Sickness must go in the name of Jesus. Jesus’ name is that powerful. Sickness is so not part of God’s kingdom. You don’t need to get more training or learn more skills. It should work! It will work next time.

Some people hate Flappy bird and give up. But others can’t stop and gradually they do get better. My high score went from 1 to 2, to 4, to 12 in a few days. I know children with scores of over 100. Something about it keeps you coming back to try again.

The Spiritual gift of teaching is hard work. There is a lot of technical stuff to learn and get your head round. It helps to have several years of training and familiarity with ancient languages and history etc. But healing seems much more simple. It isn’t, but it seems like it is and so each time you pray for someone you know something amazing could happen. Should happen. Must happen!

So far I am better at Flappy birds than healing but I just can’t put it down.


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