Have I got this right?

Recently I was a little wobbled in my conviction that God wants to supernaturally heal the sick and that in fact it is a priority for him. There is an argument that says that miracles mainly occur at moments of new divine revelation. Ie around the time of Moses, the prophets, Jesus and the apostles. Once these people and their words are authenticated by miracles the need for miracles tails off. Maybe you get a few when you take the gospel to new places but after a while the power and pyrotechnics die down and we are left with words.

Well, it maybe that miracles and healing take place when the Holy Spirit is powerfully working but my expectation is that he is powerfully working today. Pentecost was not just a flash in the pan it was the start of fire that spread around the world and burns to this day. It was the first deluge of an ongoing out pouring of the Spirit on all flesh.

Anyway, listening to Bill Jonhson is always encraougning.



1)      God’s will is for us to heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead.

2)      Praying can be in place of obedience. There is a time to stop praying “please heal so and so” and step out and heal them

3)      “I do not hold God hostage for this one miracle. I am responsible to pursue these things”.

4)      “never go to bed at night without blood on your sword”


I just listened to an interview with him here  where he talks about stories of people getting healed and others who see it getting saved. That is good to hear as I heard recently that hearings tend to put people off Jesus by freaking them out. That does happen but the opposite also happens too. Phew. I feel a bit better now.


PS. Open letter from person who made Finger of God film to John McArthur and here is kick starter for his new film Holy Ghost.



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