Philisophy of Ministy

A few years ago I came across the idea of identifying and writing down the principles and values that you have come to believe through  experience. These are the things that are particularly influential in the way that you think actually make decisions. I think they’re called something like “personal philosophy of ministry” statements. Here are some of mine:


  • There are no coincidences. (God is sovereign over all the little details of our life.)
  • Never act out of anger. (conviction from experience confirmed from biblical study of the subject)
  • Leadership should be in proportion to love for people (prophetic word given to me very early on)
  • Do something that will fail if God is not in it (heard a preacher say and it has stuck with me. The application to healing is obvious.)
  • God’s love is the only thing that ultimately satisfies (nothing can thwart it, it will never end, it gets better over time not less…)




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