“This type”

When Jesus’ disciples failed to heal someone they ask Jesus “why?”. He says two things:

“This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.” Mark 9:29 (ESV)

“Because of your little faith ” Matthew 17:20 (ESV)

Two things then occur to me. First, the disciples had previously had a lot of “success” after Jesus sent them out to cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead. The encouraging implication of his “this type” response is that other types may come out without much prayer, fasting or faith? Of course we always want to be full of faith and men and women of prayer but the power of Jesus’ name and the authority we have as believers are in themselves overwhelmingly devastating. We might feel we have little faith and have only managed to snatch a few minutes of prayer here and there but that is no reason to shrink back from the fight. Faith can flare up in a moment and God’s ears are attentive even to the shortest prayer in a moment of crisis.


It is however, very appropriate to pay especially close attention to prayer and faith and possibly fasting when we get stuck. The fact is that most of the time I am stuck. I am not seeing anywhere near the level of kingdom advance that the disciples did even prior to this incident and that is why I am wanting to pray more and build a strong “behind the scenes” prayer team to pray for healing. I am so grateful to everyone at kings who is praying for break through in healing and especially the healing room ministry.


“Why” is a natural thing to ask when things do not go as expected, but we must avoid making up and multiplying answers if God does not provide any. It’s usually best not to speculate, but press on with what we know to be the case: That God loves people, that he wants them to be well, and that he makes people well as we pray in Jesus name.


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