Heavy Metal Christians

I have been going down a heavy metal rabbit hole to find out what is behind Metallica’s lyrics and attitude. Behind the superstar stage presence I have found a very human and likeable guy. A husband and a dad who, if not Christian, is certainly searching for healing and answers in the right direction and tasting something of the goodness of the gospel. Here is James talking about being sober and how living life a new way is better. More exciting.

Actually, James is not alone and there are other Heavy Metal giants from my youth who give an even clearer profession of faith. According to Wiki Dave Mustaine, one time lead guitar for Metallica who got thrown out of the band for bad behaviour and went on to be one of the founding members of Megadeath, “was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and is now a born again Christian”.

He and James seem to have forgiven each other since.

Then there is Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden who is apparently a born again Christian. Check this article out.

There are others in this list but I’m not sure they are all “practising Christians”. Dee Snider from twisted sister is on the list but says he isn’t. He just holds to some of the principles.

Poison’s lead guitarist C.C. DeVille on the other hand seems pretty excited about following Jesus and is working out what that means in his context.

Then there is Alice Cooper who says:

“Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s real rebellion!”

Fieldy, the base player from multi platinum band Korn tells a familiar story. He had an alcoholic upbringing, where his father would say to him “dream of Budweiser son” as he tucked him in at night. His parents drank and fought and then split. Fieldy emotionally shut down, drank to numb the pain, took speed, started playing heavy metal in bands, was “mean to women”, and basically spent 20 years building a wall around his heart.

Then his father got cancer. By this time Fieldy was rich and famous but no amount of money could cure his dad. His Father had become a Christian and his dying wish was for his son to be saved too. He asked him to say the sinners’ prayer which Fieldy did but it meant nothing to him.  After his dad died Fieldy went back to his home and began to take stock of his life. It lead him to pray the prayer again but sincerely this time. He recalls the chills that went through his body as he prayed it. He cried.

“When I accepted Christ, [I thought] now I am going to pray for some of the things that I am enslaved to”.

He asked God to forgive him and spent a year apologising to everyone he could think of that he had hurt. He told his girlfriend that he had been cheating on her. She was hurt and devastated but forgave him and they got married.

 “I want to follow the bible the best I can because I know it will give me the best life”.

Brian “Head” Welch co founder and lead guitarist also from the band Korn became a Christian too. Not sure if it was before or after Fieldy. Think it might be before. 

“How can you leave a huge rock band but how can you not be there for your daughter?” Brian Welch

Brian tells his story in his autobiography “Save me from myself”.

“God put me on this earth to have fellowship and intimacy with him” Welch

He is now back in the band but still professes a relationship with Jesus.

Munky (another band member) says this:

Him and Reggie [KORN bassist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu] are born-again Christians, that’s fine. I don’t choose sides, I’ve got Christian friends and Satanist friends.” (from here)


Dan Spitz from Anthrax also says he is a Christian.  Wow, so many people from the big 80’s metal bands are saying they are now Christians. Here is another ‘metal guy’s testimony. It follow the familiar pattern, abusive childhood, then increasing anger and hate expressed in alcohol, drugs and dark lyrics.


Others have some Christian background. Axel Rose for example, was brought up in a very strict pentecostal church that, from what he says, sounds seriously messed up and unsafe.

“l even taught Bible school while l was being beaten and my sister was being molested.”

When he was 17 he discovered that he was adopted and started going off the rails.

Jon Bonjovi went to a Catholic school:

I went to Catholic school in and out. I’m what you call a recovering Catholic. I have many major issues with the church

According to at least one web site Ace Frehley who used to be in Kiss “has mentioned in several interviews he is a Christian”. http://www.answers.com/mt/ace-frehley

Finally, I know he is a rap star and not a heavy metal guy but MC Hammer “can’t touch this” ended up as a Christian minster. Here is talking with other celebrity members of “the Surreal Life”  in 2003 about prayer.

Here is the first episode:



PS. There is a book out called “The Day Metallica Came To Church”. Not sure what it’s about though.




One thought on “Heavy Metal Christians

  1. It’s interesting that we’re seeing this among secular heavy metallists, whereas we’re hearing that some of the musicians who market themselves specifically as Christian are actually atheists or non-believers. Ironic.

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