Another thoughtful Guardian article

This guardian article may say that Christianity is not rational (which is exactly what I am arguing against on Sunday in my preach on Acts 26) but it does go on to say some rather perceptive things.

The writer says Christianity is

“primarily a romance, a sort of love story.”

That’s so true. It is. John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that he sent his only son ….”


Although he seems to be saying that Christianity is not true (or at least not rational) it is, never the less, expressing a desire in all of us to be loved, valued, searched for and found. I agree and expect to find at some level a desire in each of us to be found by God. We were made for a relationship with him and though we rejected him, he relentlessly pursues us with his passionate, “ferocious love”.


 “the logic of the romantic is that the centre of gravity in human life has to be outside of oneself to be meaningful. If it’s all about my choices, then human life has withered to the dimensions of my paltry imagination. Some will believe the control held out by autonomy to be liberating. I think it’s about trying to limit our exposure to that which is beyond our control.”


Wow. That is so true. When we make ourselves god then everything shrinks to nothing. My life can only have true meaning and value outside of my own thoughts and ideas.


Finally, he applies these ideas to euthanasia:

“If I ever got so low as to be close to suicide, I don’t want anyone respecting my choice. I want them to come looking for me and to try and love or bully me out of it – even if I am lost to a settled decision for self-destruction.”

This is exactly what God does to us. He comes alongside us and tries to love us out of our desire for sin which leads to death.

It seems to me that the Christian world view has quite a lot of explanatory power in making sense of some of these thoughts. We prize love above all else and it turns out that that is what is driving the universe.


Paul Billheimer says this in his amazing book “Destined for the throne”:


A godly “romance” is at the heart of the universe and is the key to all existence.  From all eternity God purposed that at some time in the future His Son should have an Eternal Companion, described by John as “the bride, the Lamb’s wife……From before the foundation of the world until the dawn of eternal ages God has been working toward one grand event, one supreme end — the glorious wedding of His Son, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.


We are lost and need to be found. God’s love pursues us at the greatest personal cost to rescue us from self destruction and death. All through our lives in different ways, through good and evil, he calls to us to choose life. To turn to him and live.


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