Ask a Rabbi 

Here is a great conversation between a Christian and a Jewish Rabbi.


Q:  We are looking for an honest response to the teachings of Jesus

A : A king and a prince went to a village and the village got so excited they welcomed the prince. How do you think the king felt? Jesus said you pray to the Father. You guys are focusing on a man and you are forgetting God. The Father.


Q: Jesus said “before Abraham was I am”. Why did people pick up stones to stone him?

A: The Torah says that The Lord is God. On the heaven above and the earth below there is nothing else. God is the I am. God is all. If Jesus says its all God including me that is is not idolatry. But a man is not God because God is unlimited. Infinite.


Q: Did Jesus keep the Sabbath?

A: He said he didn’t according to that book.  In Moses time a man broke the Sabbath by gathering sticks. They asked him what they should do. In those days a person should be killed for doing such a thing. Now in that book that you have [Jesus] went and he picked plants on the Sabbath and he said man is greater than Sabbath. Sabbath is here for man.

Q : He claimed that he was the Lord of the Sabbath

A: Ok, so now we have the bible that says don’t pick plants on Sabbath and we have this man who comes along and says it’s ok. Now am I going to accept him? Look what happened. You don’t have to go by faith any more. Every single Jew who followed that religion I believe…they are not Jews anymore. Your belief spells God forbid the destruction of my people. That I don’t want.


Q: They brought Jesus a man and they laid him before him and he was crippled. And Jesus said to the man your sins are forgiven and that was called blasphemy. Why?

A: Well, because a man cannot forgive another man’s sin. God has to forgive the persons sin. I could say “your sins are forgiven. What’s the proof of that?”


Q: Before Abraham was I am, greater than the temple, I and the father are one etc …Jesus is claiming to be God right?

A : I lived in India for two years and over there when you become God realised you say “I am God, I am”. I have seen it over there. Thousands and thousands of people. He is not the only one who came up to that conclusion. We do not come up to say “I am God”. When we understand the truth we say “God is all, including me”. Big difference.…Go to the Father, go to the king. You are always focussing on…You say you are only here to serve Jesus, serve the Father, serve the king. He is the one, He is the creator of all.


Q: I believe that…Jesus is God who became a man, who took on a body for the purpose of sacrifice, to be sacrificed as a Passover lamb for the forgiveness of my sin.

A: The Torah tells us clearly, No man will die for another mans sin….the bible tells us this. You come along and say this man died for somebody else sins. That contradicts the Torrah.


Q: Jesus said that people search the Torah to find eternal life but the scriptures are about him.

A: Malachi says that the messiah would come to bring peace but Jesus said he did not come to bring peace but war. (paraphrase). Your asking me to believe Jesus over the prophet.


Q: Are you expecting the messiah?

A: Any minute. Please God right now. When he comes the temple will come and there will be peace in the world. But we don’t have the temple. We don’t have peace. So we know he has not come…


Q: But what if he does those things when he comes back next time.

A: OK, I’ll prove I am the messiah. Pick a miracle and make it a good one.

Q: Ok, rebuild the temple.

A: Right, ok , I’ll do it when I come back next time….Serve the Father, serve the king. Have a good life Joel.

Cool conversation.





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