An internet pastor

Interesting to hear that in leading a church and churches of thousands and hundreds of thousands Pastor Dr David Yonggi Cho does not personally visit people but does all pastoral work and praying for sick etc over the internet. Also interesting that due to car parking issues many young families listen to service from home.

He prays for 3 hours a day on his knees (it used to be 5 but its too painful now) but is always in the attitude of prayer.

“You need technique for prayer” to keep going. Like soldiers need training to fight. We need training to pray.

For example “the tabernacle prayer”:

“Now we are the tabernacle. Our spirit is the holy of Holies. We do not need to go anywhere to pray. We are the tabernacle. In my imagination I come to the courtyard. I come to the brazen alter and I see Jesus. I say thank you Jesus that through thy blood my sins have been forgiven and I can enjoy such glory in you. Then I look up to the cross and say thank you Jesus that I have been healed by your sacrifice. Sickness is illegal because you have already paid for it by your stripes. Claim the healing before you get sick! Then I say “I am a blessed person, Jesus took my curse on himself 2000 years ago. I will never live on the thorny patch. My home is blessed. My work is blessed. ..I am a source of blessing to others…I will not live in poverty consciousness. I get rid of all the curse in my life. You are even redeemed from poverty. Do not reprimand me that I am preaching the prosperity gospel. I am bound to preach about prosperity gospel because Jesus released me from the curse and poverty.” 

There is a fine line here. Personally I am not sure that Jesus promises that we will not be materially poor or completely free from illness. However, I agree that our expectation should be for provision and health. God’s kingdom breaks out when people’s physical needs are met and when they get well. God loves us and will provide for us and we should ask for and expect good things from him.

There are several things going on at once that lead to this tension. We are in a fallen world but God’s kingdom is breaking out and God is showcasing power in weakness. He will give to us things that we can taste and touch and see to show his generosity, but he also wants us to trust him and take hold of even greater, non-material riches by faith. The way these things work out in different people’s lives at different times are, well, different.

God can give to some in such a way that they experience the bankruptcy of great wealth to satisfy their soul and therefore reach out for him. God can withhold from another in such a way that they press further into his presence and provision (When I read this last sentence back I wasn’t sure about it. Didn’t sound right. I would rather say God can work through Satan’s harmful actions to bless us and draw us to closer to him). Satan can give to one to keep him from seeking God and he can take from another to make them curse God or simply to get at and deface people in God’s image. All this and more, and any combination of factors could be taking place.  It’s best not to get hung up in the details but just trust in God’s goodness and seek him no matter what.

If we have material needs God will provide. More than that God will richly provide. That is my expectation. If  we have anything, we should thank God for it. If we need anything we should ask God for it expecting him to provide. If we lack and we do not immediately get what we ask for we should persevere in prayer.


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