Ravi on the trinity

My paraphrase and thoughts of the Q&A sessions on the Trinity


A student asks Ravi Zacharias “Does the trinity break the law of non-contradiction?”

Ravi responds:

No sophisticated philosopher need tell the writers of the gospel that one and three are not the same. They knew that. Luke knew that. Paul knew that.

i) With an infinite being of infinite power etc you have greater capacity for complexity. What is impossible in one dimension may be possible in two.

ii) One of the biggest questions in philosophy is explaining unity and diversity. Someone suggests earth, air, wind, fire but then there needs to be a fifth “quintessence” to unify them. The explanation of the existence and origins of a universe with both unity and diversity must be something like the trinity, having both unity and diversity at it’s core, it’s  essence. In the trinity there is an “I”, a “you” and a “relationship” between them. This is how God can be love and how love can be foundational. “Communication and love is contained in the Godhead right from the beginning”.

“Is it one and three? No. I believe it’s one in one sense, three in another sense. It’s not a mathematical issue. It’s the very nature of being. Unity, diversity in the community of the trinity. There is both majesty and mystery. And I believe when we see God face to face we will find out why it is he made us thus. To hunger for relationships ourselves.”



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