Getting going

Reinhard Bonnke got going by accident. When, at the last minute, God told a big name evangelist, who was lined up to speak, that he should leave, Reinhard had to step in and as he stepped out in faith things started to happen.

When Bill Johnson started praying for the sick, people didn’t get healed. He kept going. Then one day when in a hardware store, he heard that the shop keeper had arthritis. He went back when the shop was less busy and offered to pray. The man was instantly healed.

 “All I know is that I kept seeing [healing] in the bible and so I thought I should see it around me…all the disciples did it, I’m a disciple… I finally got over the thing that no one I prayed for got healed, you have to get over that, you have to realise it’s supposed to, and from now on I won’t stop. Then you come to that point where you say I’m embracing this as a lifestyle, and I don’t have the luxury of redefining how I am supposed to act as a believer, to fit my experience. I don’t have that luxury. I now will pray for the sick period. And I will look for the opportunities. So I pursue it as a person who has never had a unique calling or experience.”  Bill Johnson



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