Wild solo camping

When things got really busy Jesus:

“would withdraw to desolate places and pray”. Luke 5:16 (ESV)

He also took his disciples away for the same reason:

“Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat. Mark 6:31 (ESV)

When Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath the Pharisees are livid and plot to kill him:

Jesus, aware of this, withdrew from there. And many followed him, and he healed them all.  Matthew 12:15 (ESV)

So he also goes away to a lonely place to get away from danger.

When Jesus heard his cousin had been beheaded he tried to get some space:

Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a desolate place by himself. Matt 14:13

No doubt about it, Jesus had a habit of getting time alone, away from the pressures of ministry:

And when it was day, he departed and went into a desolate place. Luke 4:42 (ESV)

If we are to follow Jesus we will need to get away from it all from time to time. In fact, it could be argued that seeking out lonely places is even more important in our modern age of hyper connectivity. With that in mind, wild solo camping looks a really cool thing to do. You take a tent, go into the wild (well as far away from civilisation as possible) and pitch up for a day or two. Here is an article about it:


And some vids of people doing it:

Looks like it’s only legal in Scotland and on certain bits of Dartmoor though.

Camp sites open all year:

clippesby hall (26 mins. £12:50, The Dell, Old Orchard,- Check) (facebook)

park farm (47 minutes)

? http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/articles/view.asp?id=248

hollies    (£6, 49mins, under lowestoft, beach)

These ones might be open all year round but not sure. Look good though.

top farm (27 mins, near Aylsham, £6, – Check) (facebook)

wardleyhill  (33 mins, near Lodon, south, closed for winter, open 6th march)

spring farm (50 minsaway, £9, 1t)

spring farm

whitlingham broad  (£4, )

whitehall farm (North norfolk, 1 hour 23mins, £16)

Wildish ones:

beech estate


nice bits of kit


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