Share the joy

I’ve not blogged much recently because I’m doing some programming. I have just uploaded a few videos of my mini universe to YouTube and pondered why I would do such a thing. It’s not that I think it is all that good – just compare to early versions of No Man’s Sky  and the amateur nature of my project becomes immediately apparent, embarrassing even. I think itpic1’s more that when you really enjoy doing something you want to share the experience. You want to shout out “hey I love doing this, this is great fun. I want you to enjoy it too”. Even if other people look at you in a slightly bemused way.

I keep wanting to mention my programming in my preaching but I’m trying not to as it’s not a very good source of illustration for most people. I keep thinking how this aspect of programming or that facet of procedural computer graphics is such a good analogy to some aspect of the gospel or what the bible says about something but Jesus used more everyday things that everyone could relate to. Not HLSL or C++. A love of football would be so much more helpful in communicating (and I did try recently when speaking on Hebrews 6) but hey, God gave me a love of vector mathematics and pretty pixels.

I guess it’s why people like telling others about Jesus. He is the best thing anyone would ever have and so it’s natural to share your joy in him with others. Forgiveness, love, eternal life, meaning, purpose, beauty, grace…The list goes on. And Jesus himself is even better than all these benefits.

God loves to share his joy too. He delights in himself, and wants to draw us into that. It’s basically a key aspect of his glory (I want to say the aspect but I haven’t got time to think about it to make sure right now…) – God revealing his inner joy and delight in his own excellence and perfection (there is a wonderful dynamic of glory between the Father, Son and Spirit) . And before we think how self-centred that is, consider for a moment that his glory is most wonderfully and clearly expressed in the cross of Jesus where he gave himself up for us. The most un-self-centred act in all history intended to make a way for us to share in the joy he has in is own self-sacrificing, unconditionally loving, burningly holy, just (infinite recursion on every good adjectival concept) excellence.

Enjoy the videos, but don’t miss out on Jesus!













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