No Man’s Sky

Just seen this video of no man’s sky. I was interested to see that their grass does the same as one of my grass types, ie always faces the camera. Plus it hangs off steep inclines in a rather unnatural way! Also, saw a bird fly though a landing pad. I have no general object collision/detection yet so that was kind of reassuring.

Also, it does not quite seem to be totally seemliness in terms of going from one solar system to another. One of my biggest problems is the depth information needed to render small near things like grass as well as massive far away things like stars and nebula. That problem would go away if I had two zones in the game. Hang on I could do that… I could render far objects first, then zero z buffer, then render near objects. The challenge would be in the cross over. If I made the near zone the distance of the nearest planet, that might do it. Only that planet would be rendered in the near zone. Everything else renders in a first pass. I’ll do it…

Sadly it proved too tricky in the cross over region. Oh well.

Anyway I have added caves


2 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky

    • In my world yes. Explode an animal with a laser, fly out a few million miles, then fly back again, and hey presto, there it is again, wondering about. In No Man’s sky, not sure. I have been pondering how they are doing to store the massive amount of change data (dead animals, holes in rocks, animals named etc) made by thousands of players thousands of players.

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