Common rookie mistakes in public speaking

All good points for preachers to take note of:

In summary and thinking about my next preach on Sunday:

1) Use big confidence gestures and own the space.

When I first preached I had my hands in my pockets! Once I took them out they seemed to flail around quite effectively but it’s worth thinking about my gestures intentionally.

2) Speak with energy and enthusiasm.

Usually speaking about Jesus means that is not a problem.

3) Do lots of preparation and practice

Actually, I am try to get by with less preparation and practice these days but starting to think about the subject early helps maximise the mind’s ability to think about stuff while doing something else. I often have the best ideas cycling into work.

3) Tell the human story that illustrates the data.

I am trying to get better at that. Finding stories of people who illustrate what I’m saying or inspire us to do the same.

4) Take risks. “It’s a risk not to take risks!”

I need to step out more. Say things more directly with more impact and challenge.

5) Model an appropriate level of vulnerability

I’m usually ok with that.

6) Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun.  “If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right.”

I have got a bit too serious of late. Light and shade emphasise each other.

7) Don’t present too much material in one go. Do not go over time!

Here is where I come acropa (can’t work out how to spell that) big time. At first I have nothing to say. Then by the end of prep I have too much. I need to prune the talk so its simplicity reveals more of the depth.

8) Slow down

Always a challenge. Need to give people more space to think about what I am saying and myself more time to think about what I am saying.


One thought on “Common rookie mistakes in public speaking

  1. Most interesting and worth remembering thank you Marcus. If ever I had become a public speaker/preacher!!!?……………….. I would certainly have referred to your encouraging thoughts.

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