More Messianic Hebrew worship

I came across these guys a while back.

Youtube then suggested this to me:

I just love the sense of celebration in Messianic Jewish worship songs. The people of Israel waited for so long for their messiah. They were entrusted with the words of God full of promises of his coming, explicit in specific verses and implicit in just about every verse, especially the psalms, so when they sing them, it positively explodes with excitement and joy. And even when it’s not so upbeat it has such a depth of meaning and longing.  Music was made for this.

The fact that the Jews are still a people is a massive miracle in itself. Can you imagine the incredible joy when, as a nation, they turn to Jesus. These songs are just a foretaste!

17th Oct: PS. Here are a couple more great ones with words


One thought on “More Messianic Hebrew worship

  1. This is just wonderful, and what a joy to see God’s Jewish people praising Him. Often I think about the joy that they will feel when they see the Messiah coming in His glory: He whom they rejected as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. It surely will be exploding joy but coupled with some remorse as they realise that they had rejected Him for so long.

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