I saw Frozen again yesterday. Amazing film. Why is it so good? Well, I love computer graphics and Olaf is really funny but it’s the story that stands out most of all. Its good because it captures something of the gospel.

Elsa’s frozen heart has put a curse on the land and brought a life destroying winter. As the sword goes down to destroy her, her sister Anna steps in and takes the blow (shattering the sword). In so doing she forfeits her own life so that her sister Elsa can be saved. This act of true love thaws Elisa’s frozen heart and stops the winter. I’ve not told that very well but the main story line is: True love, expressed in the sacrificial death of so
meone on behalf of another, can thaw a frozen heart. That right there is the gospel story. Jesus puts himself between us and God’s judgement and so looses his life. This act of love turns our hearts of stone to flesh. Oh, and like Anna, Jesus comes back to life and our relationship with God is restored. It’s not an exact copy of the story in every detail but so many elements are there it can’t be a coincidence. That is why it is so powerful.

And now for something completely different!


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