X factor

Peoples perception of Christianity is always interesting to me. Found this in the guardian today:

“When I was growing up, the weekend was always the time that we put on our best outfit, sang, pleaded for one last chance to impress the big guy and promised we wouldn’t let him down if he would just make our dearest wish come true.

People don’t really go to church any more, though. If we can’t have God, I guess Simon Cowell will have to do.”

Christianity isn’t about impressing God. It’s about admitting to God how unimpressive we are and then receiving his love and forgiveness on the basis of how impressive Jesus was. It isn’t about trying to persuade God to make your dreams come true, its about having all your dreams come true in him. He is the end of all our longings. His presence makes paradise. And he offers himself you us as a gift in the person of Jesus and says “trust me”. The tricky bit I guess is letting go of what little we have to take hold of the enormity of what is offered.


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