There is a lot wrong with the world

Love this short vid were David Mitchell tries to state what we all agree on, which is that “there is a lot wrong with the world at the moment”. Once you dare to specify what that is however, consensus is lost. Everyone has a different view on that and what the solution might or might not be.

“We can all agree that one of the things that’s wrong with the world is other people’s mistaken idea about what’s wrong with the world”.

What is wrong with the world? The bible reveals it’s a broken relationship with the God who created it and the thing that broke it is called sin. When Adam and Eve turned from trusting obedience and acted on devious lies the world and everything in it broke. Through faith in Jesus that relationship can be restored, and some repair work can be done, but only when Jesus comes back will things be fully renewed.

PS. I was reminded of this quote I read recently that exposes the hidden limits that are so often their in our culture’s tolerance:

There is a growing number of people who believe that you should be able to say what you like, but only so long as they agree with you. Jonathan Dimbleby


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