“The only way to over come a fear is to challenge it straight on”. David Blain

Sounds right but is it? How do we challenge fear head on?

If you are fearful of flying, I suppose that would mean flying to your holiday destination rather than not going or taking ages to get their by some other means. If you keep doing that then either you will crash or begin to realise that it is not so dangerous after all.

The bibles view on overcoming fear is to take heart because God is with you. That’s a bit different because we are not directly challenging fear but trusting in God to keep us safe.

I wonder though if when we challenge fear head on we are always trusting in something. Perhaps its luck, ie “the chances of the plane crashing are very small”. Or self-belief “I can do this”. In this sense fear is always overcome by faith. Trusting in something to get us through.

I guess also a greater fear can push us forward ie“if I don’t do this I will be a coward and I don’t want to be a coward or week…”. or “If I don’t do this I will not get the job and I will not be able to pay the rent and I will lose my house…”. I’d far rather be motivated by faith than fear. I wonder to what extent its possible to choose.



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