Here are some quotes I have collected:

When we can see the Savior ’s face without a veil between, then temptation has no power over us, for all the glittering gems that sin can offer by way of pleasure are eclipsed in tender brilliance and Divine attraction by the heavenly Pearl of Joy in the dear Savior which we posses! From Spurgeon’s “How to Become Full of Joy” Sermon #3272

Next ones form this vid:

“It’s not impressive to be a good law keeper. What is impressive to people is sacrifice. Because sacrifice in the cause of love looks like you have a treasure different from the world”


“Paul uses that strange phrase. Sorrowful. Yet always rejoicing. That’s my life as a pastor…there is never a day in my pastoral life where I am not sad. Ever. That’s how many people we have got. Somebodies always broken. Someone is always in the hospital. Some marriage is always in trouble. Some kid is always breaking his parent’s heart. Two saints are always niggling at each other. Always, there is never a day when you are not sad. And rejoicing. In it. Because you have a great reward, and he is working it all together for good.” Piper

“The key to living an unwasted life, a life that counts, is doing the kinds of deeds, Oh, there are 10,000 of them, that will flow from a heart embattled by difficulties and resting in the supreme value of Jesus Christ. My great reward. ” Piper

When Steve Jobs  was asked if his children loved of the ipad. He replied

“They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” Steve Jobs

“every evening Steve made a point of having dinner at the big long table in their kitchen, discussing books and history and a variety of things. No one ever pulled out an iPad or computer”. Walter Isaacson Steve Job’s Biographer



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